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Wednesday, April 25, 2007


"Babel", a movie with social content didn't impress me at all.It lasted almost 2 hours and a half and I can't say I didn't get bored.Only imagine that I almost slept in the first 10 minutes even if Brad Pitt starred in it.

The plot did confuse me very much.It was about four different families, an American, a Maroccan, a Mexican and a Japanese.They all deal with problems that don't seem to be combined at all but in the end we find out that there is a very strange connection between them.It was very difficult for me to understand this connection but what I think is that the film was made to express the idea that we are all the same.

As I pretold you, I didn't like it because first of all it was so long.I found it very confusing and really weird.Of course lots of my friends liked it very much because it has a special meaning but even if I share their opinion in the last part it wasn't what I expected to see.In many parts it reminded me of some documentaries and in some other parts it reminded me of some very bad quality movies.

On the other hand, I liked the fact that Brad Pitt acted as a very different character from all the other roles he has played since now and also I liked that for the first time in my life a movie did make me think about its meaning and the idea that is expressed through it for so long.

I recommend it to adults and teenagers(16 & 17 years old) because they won't get bored and will eventually understand the meaning and the idea expressed.I don't recommend it to children because it isn't a cartoon and they won't enjoy it at all...


At 6:14 AM , Blogger kostas said...

I have seen this film.I think its one of the most interesting and beautiful story on the screen!
Four families,four different countries,four different thinking about life and one big meaning,Protect and support your children.


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