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Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Clean Monday,or as we call it here in Greece"kathara deftera",is the first day of Great Lent. It's called clean because Christians are called upon to begin the holy season with “clean hearts and good intentions.” It is also because the season of Lent is regarded as a time for when Christians should clean up their spiritual house, coming to terms with their lives and rededicating themselves to a more holy and righteous way of living.

On this day, what we do is usually fly kites and having picknicks, eating only seafood(octopus, fish), lagana, taramas and phasolada,halvas and other traditional greek food...

Everyone loves Clean Monday because schools are closed.Shops, except the tavernes and the restaurants, where Greeks usually eat,are closed too...

Well, that day this year was really fun for me...I woke up at 11 o'clock and we went out with my whole family to eat in a taverna.Then after that we went to Hatzis, a shop where we ate ice cream, although we shouldn't according to the tradition..Never mind, after that we returned home and I watched TV all evening...How wonderful!!!!Unfotunately we didn't fly a kite......


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