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Tuesday, January 31, 2006


My grandfather, Nikos Pourpouris, is now in his eighties.He was born in Pentapoli, a village near Serres, ten years before the beginning of the Second World War.He had difficult times when he was a child, because of the war.He had to stop going to school when he was only ten, something very painful for him.

He got married when he was twenty years old to my grandmother, a very beautiful girl who was the same age as him.They had five children but only the two of them survived, my mother, Antigoni,and my aunt Kaiti.

When my mother was only 4 years old, my grandfather, went to Germany, to work in a factory,with my grandmother. They returned after one year and then he started his own farm.Four years later they all moved to Thessaloniki, to Oraiokastro and then to Sykies.

He now has his own farm in Pentapoli, where he goes with my grandmother every summer.He grows vegetables and some kind of flowers such as roses and other things.He is very busy, something that as he says, keeps him aliveā€¦


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