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Monday, October 08, 2007

One World, One Promise, One Good Turn

This year I haad the best holidays ever.The first thing I enjoyed was going to Fokies,a place by the sea,where I stayed with my friends(we were five girls)!We were all alone no parents and so we could return late at night,drink alcohol(we didn't drink much)and go whenever we wanted to the beach!!It was an awssume experience that I would like to live next year too..Secondly I went for another year to Thassos but this time it was different..My cousin and his wife were there too and they had their daughter with them.You should see how sweet she is!!

Finally I went to my last scout camp(last because this year I'm becoming a senior scout) and also to the 1st jamboree of northern-eastern Europe..We met scouts from Albania,Montenegro,Romania and Bulgaria..It was just amazing although the comunication was difficult!We had to speak in English for them all to understand but when the conversation was around scouting subjects it was almost impossible...Also for us,scouts,this year was unique because 100 years ago Baden Powel the founder of scouting organised the first scout camp in Brownsea island!!


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