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Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Radiohead is an English band that started selling their songs in a different way.For this they don’t need a recording company;they just record the song in a studio and they put it on the internet.But the weird thing with this is that you pay what you want,even if this is only 20cents or less.Is this a clever way of selling songs and if it is is what are the disadvantages?

In my opinion,it was really smart of them to sell their songs without a recording company getting involved.As we all now,the artists are payed only a small percentage of what we give to buy a cd and the rest of it goes to the company.So if we think more about it, this band’s members make much more money than they would if Sony or Emi sold their cd’s.Also they seem to go with the flow as in our days the majority of teenagers buy songs or download them from the internet.

Also, it’s better for the ones that buy it because you can give what you want to buy a song and solves the problem of many of us,especially teenagers,that don’t have so much money to buy all the cd’s they want to listen to.

Another advantage for the ambitious is that this way of recording and putting your songs on the internet can be done by anyone if you have the right equipment of course.You can show your talent and promote yourself through the web and make money at the same time.This is why I do think it’s very democratic,because everyone can do it.

On the other hand we can say it kills, in a way, professional music as all those who want to become singers even if they don’t have the talent for it will be able to record and sell songs.Of course this is what some recording companies do now but if the new selling system wins the companies this will become uncontrollable.Also if the companies close lots of people working there will become unemployed.

In conclusion, I think that this new selling system without a money limit will become increasingly popular and more bands and singers will start using it.So I do think that Radiohead’s idea is original and will have success in the future..

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