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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

ANalyze thAT-review

"Analyze that", a movie directed by Harold Ramis is a full of action comedy that has won an ASCAP award and was even nominated for a Golden Globe.In the cast along with sveral others are Robert de Niro, Billy Crystal and Lisa Kudrow who are in a word perfect...

Ben Sobel(Billy Crystal),a psychiatrist is a man that has many problems..His parents don't want him to get married, his son often spies on his patients when they open up their heart..On the other side Paul Vitti, a mafia guy from the top ones, has to deal with his psycological problems that make him feel very nervous about the present.What will happen when the second one will ask the first for help to his problems??And how many times will he disturb him??Will poor Ben solve all his problems and will he eventually get married??And what about Paul?If all these are your questions then it's very simple..Watch the movie..

I loved it from the very first minute!Not just for the ending but for every single detail..Great plot and I'm saying this because I haven't seen a movie with a similar one.It was something different, something that made the movie along with other staf a huge success..These other things are of course the very clever dialogues written by Lonergan and Tolan,along with the stunning acting especially by Robert De Niro who plays the sensitive mafia guy but also from Billy Crystal and Lisa Kudrow,who plays the "lucky" future Mrs Sobel and who doesn't remind us at all Phoebe from "Friends"..

As a conclusion, I will recommend it to all, children and grown-ups, because it's not just a funny silly comedy, but has a deep meaning hiding underneath..


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