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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

the miserables

Based on the great novel by Victor Hugo,"Les miserables" is a movie that will keep your attention till the last minute and won't become boring at all even if it's quite long:it lasts three hours.Some of those who star in it include Gerard Depardieu,,John Malkovich,Charlotte Gainsbourg and others.

The story is set in France during the French Revolution when Jean Valjean,an ex-convict who was arrested for stealing a loaf of bread completes his sentence,tries to start a new life.He becomes wealthy and tries to help others, especially the poor.One of them is Fantine who dies and this is when Jean decides to raise her daughter.But problems never end,as the first class inspector,Javert(John Malkovich), that had arrested him the first time still hunts for Jean because to him you can never trust an ex-convict.Will he be caught for the second time and go to prison?And will Valjean succeed in raising up a young girl?What about the Revolution?The only way to find out is to watch the film.

In the begining I wasn't so exhilarated about it,because I thought it wouldn't be so good,but when I saw it I loved it.It wasn't only the story that made me excited about it.It was a combination of perfect acting, very well-suited music and amazing scenery.As for the actors I was really amazed especially by Gerard Departieu and Malkovich who got under the skin of it.Also what I found clever was that the movie was separated into two parts so that you could take a break in the middle or whatever.Lastly, I can say I agree with all those who have said that it was a stunning adaption of the novel,because those who wrote the script put everything in from the novel.Although it was long if you watched both two parts in a row,I think it was perfect.

Finally, it would be a shame of me not to recommend it to you.So I do recommend it without any doubt;the only thing you should take care of is not to be tired when you watch it and be concentrated on the film,because you might lose very important parts.Also I must say that it's not so appropriate for children and young teenagers as it is based on a classic novel.So,after all these pieces of advice,have fun!

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