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Wednesday, December 12, 2007


5th place: Tokio Hotel
I actually learned about them from a friend! Their songs make me feel GOOD but I cannot explain why. It might be because I feel very close to them while I'm listening.

4th place: LINKIN PARK
Their songs touch my heart but also make me feel exilarated at the same time. Listening to their songs can make you cry and jump around the room at the same time!This is why I chose them in my top 5 rock bands..

3rd place: Radiohead
When I listen to their songs they take me to another place. They make me create a story in my head.The story of a guy who's drinking and has stop thinking of his problems..And this is the magic!

2nd place: Muse
I love them.....Their songs are like a magnet, I can listen to a particular song for hours.

1st place!!!! SYSTEM OF A DOWN..
They are simply great!It's not hard rock, it's not electronic, it's simply rock! I'm really sad that they have kind of separated..


At 4:07 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can't argue with you on your ratings for these bands. They are good. But I wonder where's Radiohead now.
Spokane tim jones loves Radiohead.


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