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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

HARRY POTTER and the goblet of fire (book VS movie)

When a best seller becomes a film everyone wonders whether it will be better or worse than the original work. The same thing happened when Harry Potter books became movies. Recently, I read and watched the 4th one and I must say I found both similarities and differences.

Well, the main differences had to do with the plot,as many parts of the book weren't put in the film, i suppose because of the time limit;you cannot expect a 500-pages book to fit in a 3-hour movie with every single detail. But the gaps were so well hidden that only the readers could tell the difference, something that reveals the quality of the film.

On the other hand I must say I was very impressed, because even if I had seen and liked the previous films, I was concerned about that one as things get more complicated;we have more characters and more ation. Watching it I realised I was wrong to worry as it was so good as the book. The music, and the excellent sets were fascinating and made me feel just like I felt during reading.

The trouth is that no matter how much I liked the movie, I shouldn't try to compare it with the book as reading lets you create a world with your imagination. On the other hand I have to admit that the movie was amazingly good!


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