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Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Directed by Jim Sheridan and produced by Noel Pearson, "MY LEFT FOOT" is a great drama full of moving moments that can even make you cry.In it, Daniel Day Lewis, Ray Mcanally and Brenda Fricker star.It got two Oscars(best actor-best supporting actor) and two Bafta awards(best actor-best supporting actress).It was outstanding!

It's based on a true story of a man who couldn't control his arms,head and right foot from the day he was born.The only limb he could control was his left foot.With this left foot,he painted wonderfully pictures and he draw.As a result he became very famous for his work.With this left foot he also wrote his biography.We see his life through this book when it's read by a woman that takes care of him on the day he presents it to public.So we watch how he falls in love,starts writing letters when nobody has taught him how and learns how to take control of his body.What will happen in the end of this great movie?Will he love and be loved by someone?Will he die alone in a poor house?Watch the movie to find out...

It was the best drama I've ever seen.I liked almost everything.First of all I liked the plot.Although it was a very sad story it had a happy ending which I enjoyed a lot.Secondly, I liked the acting very much, especially by the main actor,Daniel Day Lewis.Like some critics I agree that Lewis gives the most moving and cvonvincing perfomance of his career.

The only thing I didn't like was the melacholic feeling that existed through the whole movie,par for the course for a drama.I mean everything goes wrong for Christie.His grandmother and father die,some children think he's an idiot or sometimes they are afraid of him.Another thing I didn't like was that sometimes the movie became boring.

I recommend it to everyone,except children,that might feel really sad about Christie's fortune or even get bored because it's not a comedy.I think this movie can make people with problems like Christie's feel more optimistic by taking his example.And what is the message?Life continues...