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Thursday, September 21, 2006


I really loved Pirates of the Caribbean:The curse of the black pearl when I first watched it, so when I learnt that another film would be filmed I was really looking forward to watch it.(Pirates of the Caribbean:The dead man's chest)...Something that made me think a lot was whether the second one would be better than the first one...I heard a lot of opinions from friends of mine and read lots of reviews about the film...Some of them told me that it was awsume,some others told me it was awful...And so I watched it!!!I can't say I was amazed because I expected something else..Some days after I realised that it wasn't what I expected because it was no more a Disney movie..I mean in the first one there was the typical story of a mad pirate, and a couple that finally gets together...In the second one all of these is gone,I mean I didn't expected that Jack(Johnny Depp)would be so"pirate"(care only about himself)and would be "in love" with Elizabeth(Keira Knightley) or that Elizabeth would be so selfish and would treat Jack like this...Of course there was a lot of fun and amazing acting by all the actors and stunning fight scenes..SO AFTER ALL THESE THOUGHTS I REALISED THAT BOTH MOVIES WERE OUTSTANDING AND JUST AMAZING...Now I look forward to the last one!!!!!!