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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

OPERA LA BOHEME, something I'll never forget!!!!

K-PAX...Is he an alien or not???

I do think he is an alien or at least an energy that came from the universe.That is because he knew all this stuff about a planet in nowhere, along with the fact that, for me, it wouldn't be possible to know how to heal all these patients. Lastly and most importantly, where did the girl really go if he wasn't an alien? She really disappeared, didn't she???

“Sleepless in Seattle” or should I say “the movie that can do wonders for your sleeping problems”…Watching that film helped me relax and relax and relax.The only problem was that I dind’t want to sleep while watching it. It lasts for ages and don’t believe anyone that tells you it lasts 1 hour and a hlf.

It is about a widower named Sam that moves to Seattle after his wife’s death. He can’t sleep at nights thinking of her and of course he can’t move on to a new relationship. On Christmas night his son,Jonah,calls a radio talk show to talk about his father’s problems and to find him a wife..And then the man starts talking and talking for many hours on air. Then comes the other character, a woman that is just engaged but not very sure about that, that is listening to this conversation while driving back home..She starts falling in love with this guy, she thinks he is her destiny and she tries to find him.Eventually they meet and end up together…

Isn’t it boring?First of all the plot is in two words silly and dull. It’s one of these stupid comedies that don’t really have a plot.It doesn’t describe real life, it’s like a fairy tale. Man-depressed, woman-not sure about relationship, they fall in love and get together.And it’s not only that it is stupid but really, how many people get together and have a real relationship when they have just met???And when I say unreal I really mean it.How easy could be for an-almost husband- to say ok when he is asked by his-almost-wife to break up?Because in the film Annie’s husband is very OK with the whole situation when Annie tells him about Sam, a guy that really loves but hasn’t met at all.She tells him she doesn’t want to marry him and that it’s wrong and the only thing he says is “if you want so, OK”…

Of course the acting was very good by Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan but really why did they choose to play in this film?I don’t know if the reason I didn’t like it was that it was filmed in 1993, but still there weren’t any special effects so we can’t use this as an excuse.The only thing I liked was their house in Seattle, because it was just in front of a lake.But could a man like Sam afford to buy a house like that??

I lastly don’t recommend it to anyone, because of all the reasons I’ve mentioned before..The only reason to watch it could be that you can’t sleep at nights or you have time to kill and when I say “kill” I really mean it!!!