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Thursday, May 11, 2006


Last night, full of curiosity I watched “The War of the Worlds” by Steven Spielberg with Tom Cruise,the one that was filmed in 2005.Some people told me it was awful and boring but some friends of mine told me it was absolutely amazing.I can say it was nice..

Earth is under attack by aliens that drink people’s blood..How disgusting?!While all this is happening, Ray, a divorced man,tries to save not only himself,but also his daughter, Dakota Fanning, and his son,Justin Chatwin.Will they all survive in the end? Watch the movie to find out.You don’t have anything to lose..

So, why did I like it?I liked very much the plot although it remind me a lot, of other movies that describe other disasters in America, just like floods, hurricanes, alien attacks and the like .I think it was well acted especially by Tom Cruise and young Dakota Fanning, who is actually now 12 years old..The special effects were great too as you’ll see.What I didn’t like was that it was disgusting in some parts, with all this blood and killing....

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Directed and written by Joss Whedon,Serenity is a science fiction, adventure movie.It was made in 2005 and it lasts about 2 hours.Summer Glau stars as River and Nathan Fillion as Mal.

River Tam and her brother Simon,Sean Maher, are hiding out from the totalitarian government that experimented with River's brain aboard the space-freighter Serenity. Captained by a down on his luck, no faith soldier, the crew of Serenity must take jobs (legal or not) while avoiding the Alliance, and keeping the Tams safe. But when things get out of hand with the true extent of River's powers, the Alliance sends a new Operative to make sure what River knows doesn't get out. How will the crew of Serenity deal with this new threat? And what exactly does River know that the Operative is willing to kill for?

What I liked about it was the way the future was presented by the movie’s creators.Although dangerous it will be exciting according to the film…Also I liked the acting, especially by Summer Glau, who played River, a seventeen year old girl that could deal with an army if she wanted, but at the same time she was very sweet.Lastly I liked the whole idea and the ending especially when they leave earth not chased by anyone.

The only thing I didn’t go crazy about was that it remind me a bit of the Star Wars movies, although it was much, much better than them.

I lastly recommend this movie to everyone especially to those who prefer action films, including children.