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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

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Let's try something new.

Listen to this.


Directed by Brett Ratner, Rush Hour is an action comedy with great fighting scenes and most of all Jackie Chan in another one of his fabulous movies...Also staring Chris Tucker as a really talkative detective who hates white people more than you think...

As far as for the story it's about a Chinese inspector(Chan) and a black American detective (Tucker) that try to take back a Chinese diplomat's daughter because she was kidnapped..Things get harder for them when they are informed they 'll work together.In that case Lee(Chan) considers Carter(Tucker) as someone that couldn't help him and could only bother him..On the other hand Carter hadn't worked with someone else until that day and so he wants to do everything alone...Will they solve all their problems and try to save the little Chinese girl or they'll just argue all the time about their culture differences???The only thing you have to do, to find out is just to watch it...So simple!!!

In my opinion it was a nice movie full adventure and great fighting scenes and all these crazy things Jackie Chan does...Of course it wasn't only this..As a comedy it is,it had a lot of laughing... This of course came mainly from Tucker, whose jokes really made my day!!Jokes such as why the Dalmatians have black spots??,where the answer is because a white doesn't let them be all black..Of course Lee's and Carter's roles where wonderfully played by Chan and Tucker..Including the fact that it only lasted 1 hour and a half, so that you couldn't get bored or something like this..

I finally recommend you to watch it only if you know Chinese or know how to put subtitles because everything is in Chinese..Just kidding..So, watch it.You don't anything to lose..