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Wednesday, November 08, 2006


This proposal outlines how the educational system could be improved according to all Greek students.It is based on what students demand from the ministry of education in order to heir sit ins and their protest.

According to what the majority of the students think, our educational system is not organised enough.In a huge number of schools there are teachers who are not educated well enough or books that are well - written.Some children have lessons in buildings that are falling down and in some other schools there is no equipment at all. Also all children have to pay for extra lessons to go through the given syllabus that is set by the ministry in order to succeed in the final exams and go to a university.This of course creates a problem for the poor students who, as a result of the current situation and the high exam grades needed, cannot get into any university.

What I should suggest you to do is first of all to increase the funding for the educational system so that it will be 5% of GPN.With this money you could build more schools and every school can be properly equipped .This money could also be used in increasing teachers numbers in schools.

Education isn’t something that can be sold.So I suggest you should also abandon your plan to make private universities legal by changing our constitution.Families pay lots of money already in extra lessons. Also private higher education’s existance would undermind the public universities.

I would suggest that you don’t turn senior high schools into EPAL or EPAS because the only thing it would do,would be to make the situation worse.That is because no student at that age (15 years old) could decide what job they would prefer to do in the future.You should not separate schools in high and low level either.As a result this would separate the students into the “clever” ones and those who are “unable to do something”.

As for the Music Schools I should recommend you to hire music teachers because there is a huge shortage and also arrange some exams so that Music school students can get a qualification when graduating from this special school.

There should be no delay in making changes in our educational system so that it becomes better.This will satisfy students,who will end their sit ins.


Directed by Michel Gondry“Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind” is a really weird movie.Not only because of it’s name but also and most importantly because of its strange plot.It lasts almost 2 hours, but it doesn’t get boring at all.

It’s about Joel Barish(Jim Carrey) and Clementine Kruczynsci(Kate Winslet) who fall in love and so get married. But after a few days they start fighting.And so Clementine decides to delete Joel from her mind literally..In the beginning he thinks she is just acting as if she doesn’t know him. But when he finds out the truth he decides to do the same thing..Will he change his mind during the erasing? And what if he can’t do anything about it? Well if you wonder,you just have to watch the movie..

All of it was, in a word, just great.Every single detail, every movement, everything. What I liked very much was Kate Winslet’s and Jim Carrey’s acting who were just stunning during their performance.Another huge success for both of them.Another thing I loved was the scenery,where part of the movie was filmed.I mean,I can’t remember which place it was,I think Long island,but this beach during the winter was so beautiful.Lastly I should mention the special effects too,that were used during the memory erasing.Even though it was very complicated I just loved it.

I finally recommend it to all,except young children because they won’t understand a thing..Also what I should warn you about is that because of the complicated story you have to have slept at least 2 hours before watching it, because you might fall asleep if you’re very tired.That is not because it’s not interesting but because of the fact that you won’t be able to think clearly and remember some important details.So, have fun watching it!