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Wednesday, October 18, 2006


I liked this movie for several reasons. First, it wasn't KILL BILL--with scene after scene of killing. This delightful, sweet romantic comedy had no explosions and no one was gunned down, treated with disrespect or lack of values and morals. The only action "car chase" scene was a solo car lost in the wilds of Ireland-- funny! There were wonderful "little love messages" throughout that were not preachy, but good relationship hints that blended in great with the scenes. I only noticed because I write screenplays (romantic comedies) -- I believe the average audience viewer would have just gone with the flow of the characters and the scenes. Well done, actually. The world needs more love examples and how to do relationships properly...with respect for the individuals and honoring the space they are in at the moment. The casting was excellent for all characters! Bravo! The chemistry between the two leads felt believable, honest and real. The hero had a relationship agenda and kept going for his goal--not exactly what you are probably thinking. But it was heart-warming to experience it along with him. Overall, a well done and throughly enjoyable romantic comedy. I recommend it.