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Thursday, October 30, 2008

the pursuit of HAPPYness..

I have thought a lot about this post (not that it will be read all over the world-i'm not that famous, but because i have stopped my english lessons and i haven't spoken the language for some time).Well,i wanted to write something different and not just another movie review. Spark of my inspiration became the film "the pursuit of happiness". It was nominated for several awards and I must say that Will Smith is simply awsome!Don't miss it..

The question I have been thinking a lot lately is what is happiness and how can we become happy? Is it a good relationship that can give me this feeling? Could it be having good friends? A good relationship with my family? Or is it simply the sense of wholeness when everything is going fine which is when I don't have something to worry about?

A friend of mine once told me that we should feel happy only for being! We live without noticing we are alive, we are sure we will exist the next day and the next one and so on. Discussing this subject with all my classmates during our Philosofy class I realised that we should be happy that we have been given the chance to live and communicate other people sharing our thoughts and expressing our ideas. We should be thankful we have been born in advanced communities, where clean water and food are taken for granted.

We should be really thankful that we don't die from deseases such as cholera or other illnesses and that we are given the chance to be educated and pursue progress in our life!

So, don't complain all the time!Live your life as you want and if you trully believe in something it will become true even if it is seems impossible. Fate is in your hands!

NEVER GIVE UP YOUR DREAMS!Take risks and you won't regret it..

I wanted to share these thoughts with you because everyday I see ungrateful people. Ungrateful of what they had been given the day they first breathed. Don't forget that we have the chance to live only once and believe me, life is too small!The only thing we should worry about is our health. Did you know that stress can cause cancer?

Reading this post you might think "What the hell is she talking about?How should we not worry when we work all these hours and still our future is uncertain?". The answer is that we have to have hope. Everyone knows that the world's economics are going worse day after day but when we realise what the real meaning of life is, then we can be considered happy....