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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

No matter what people said about Alex I knew he was a true friend, and a really great guy, and you’ll be glad to hear that he is still the same. This is the incident I’ll remember with affection because it proved to me that Alex was a really nice person that enjoyed helping people.

I was looking forward to the school trip at the end of the year in Athens and the day we had all expected,the day on which we’d all pay, came in March. At long last we would definitely go.During the break, after a long hour of Geography, me and Alex found some money. The next hour when almost ready to sleep as we had Physics with the same boring, awful teacher. Sudenly, we heard a scream.George, a rich, arrogant boy that thought he was the centre of the world, started shouting and the only thing I could understand from what he said was something about some money and the school trip.After asking his friends, I realised with horror that he was blaming Alex for stealing some money from his bag. As he said Alex was the last one that was seen at the "crime scene", so he must have been the thief.I quickly stood up and tried to defend my best friend and I think I overstepped the mark . So before I knew what was happening I was with Alex and George in the headmaster’s office making excuses to the strict principal, about something we really hadn’t done;

-“They, stole my money. And do you know why?Because they are jealous of me.Everyone is jealous of me.So decide what his punishment will be “,

he said pointing at Alex,

“or I’ll call my dad immediately…”,

he said strictly as if he was the president of the U.S.A.

-“Well I was thinking of “

-“I did it”, Alex lied.”I stole the money, not her”, he continued.

-“Alex no!”, I tried to make him stop.

-“Don’t lie just to rescue me.”,he told me loudly and before I could reply he told the principa lin a calm way

:”I’m ready to listen to the punishment Mr Brown”.

-“Well, I’ve thought about it all this hour and I’ve decided that you’ll leave this school when the school year is over…and I won’t listen to another word you’ say.Now..”

-“But this is not fair”, I interrupted him almost crying.

-“I don’t want your oppinion young lady…”,he answered.

”Now,as I was saying, go immediately to your classroom!”,he gave us an order.

During the following days everyone was really cold to me, but even more to Alex. Fortunately, at the end of the year Alex got a second chance from the Students’ council and now I’m glad to say that he’s still in my school and we’ve become best friends who defend each other when there is need.