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Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Last week I had a conversation with a friend of mine about audio books and how you can learn by listening to a story...Her opinion was that audio books are just a waste of time and they don't help at all in learning English..

Well, I don't agree at all with her!I've listened to 2 audio books(The pocket and the pendant & Harry Potter and the sorcerer's stone) since now and I can say I'm impressed. I thought it would be boring and that it wouldn't help me improve my English.I was totally wrong.Good quality audio books are trully something that should be used by all teachers everywhere.Students not only entertain themselves a lot,but they also want more and more audio books to listen to.
What should also be noticed is that(especially about students that are a bit stressed of time) every chapter lasts 30 minutes the longest.Undersanding the meaning, but also learning the language becomes even more easy if you read the book at the same time.You have the chance to see new words, underdstand their meaning but also listen how they are pronounced.In some audio books there is also music that can turn a boring page of reading into a mysterious and even extreme experience....

So for all of you, parents mainly, that think audio books aren't helping at all your children and that instead of this they should do boring grammar exercises only, I hope that now that you've read this post you will automatically change your opinion.